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Respectful Care, the Mansfield-based home care provider, is committed to continually improving the quality of its services across Nottinghamshire - and that’s a promise.

The company, now with offices also in West Bridgford and Arnold, has signed up to the Social Care Commitment, which is the adult social care sector's promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services.

The commitment is made up of seven statements that start with the words “I will”, with associated tasks, and is aimed at increasing public confidence in the care sector.

Respectful Care co-founder Scott Marsh said: “Our commitment to providing excellent support and care services has always been one of our key priorities.

“Anything that asks staff to look at the way they work and their values is going to enhance the quality of our care.”

As an example of the statements, the first one says: “I will take account of potential employees’ values, attitudes and behaviours when recruiting new staff.”

There is then guidance as to what this actually means, and suggests tasks in order for this commitment to be fulfilled, such as having up to date job descriptions and person specifications for all roles.

Completing the tasks relating to the commitments is then an official record of the work that has been done.

The Social Care Commitment has been developed by the Skills for Care organisation, which provides practical tools and support to help adult social care organisations and individual employers in England recruit, develop and lead their workforce.

Pippa Doran, project manager for Social Care Commitment, said: “By signing up to the Social Care Commitment, providers of care and support are making a public declaration, saying that the services they offer can be trusted and are underpinned by strong core values.

“Involving the whole organisation in the commitment and asking staff to reflect on the way they work and their values can only be a good thing if it leads to enhanced quality of care.”

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