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Sally Wells

Sally Wells

Registered Care Manager

Sally Wells is the Registered Care Manager and has worked for over 13 years supporting individuals in different care settings. She has a background of working in customer service management for many years and then used these transferable skills to change her carer path to the care sector as she has always had a passion for caring for people.

Throughout her career in care Sally has gained her level 4 qualification in adult health and social care along with a Level 3 customer service and level 3 Diploma in hospitality, supervision and leadership.

Sally joined Respectful Care in 2014 as a staff team leader in the Mansfield branch with the vision of progressing to the next registered manager for the Nottingham North branch opening in 2015.

Sally states she was attracted and later impressed by Respectful Care’s core values and their focus to improve the standards and conditions for both clients and for staff members in the care industry.

Sally works tirelessly to ensure our client’s lives are facilitated with individual care packages and support plans that enables them to achieve their own personal best.

Sally manages, motivates and supports the whole team to focus on providing a high quality service at all times. We treat our clients like they are our own family members and we work together as one committed and dedicated team to enable our wonderful clients to continue to live safe and happy in their own homes, surrounded by friends and family.

Nichola Delton

Nichola Delton

Staff & Recruitment Manager

Nichola Delton is the Staff and Recruitment Manager and started her working career doing a variety of roles that were all customer focused. She started working as a care worker 19 years ago and has been in the industry ever since. She has worked in both residential and domiciliary settings although has spent most of her time involved in caring for people in the community. She is passionate about caring and supporting people in their own surroundings at their own pace. She has held various roles, spending the past 15 years within management teams.

Nichola has worked for other local care companies but was impressed by how driven Respectful Care’s company are and how they strive to employ qualified, experienced but more importantly caring staff to provide a high quality care service. Nichola has been with Respectful Care now for over a year and has never been happier.

The clients have a choice not only about how and when their care is delivered but also about who provides it. Nichola has found that there are many people in the community recommending the Respectful Care service and who are actually happy to wait for our service to start to get the high quality care they want and deserve. She is proud to be part of such an outstanding team!

Even though Nichola’s current role is Staff and Recruitment Manager, she still loves getting hands on and working with the clients as a care and support worker. This allows her to keep involved in what's going on whilst getting the satisfaction that carers get when they are privileged enough to help and support clients who allow us into their homes and lives.

Nichola has gained many qualifications including, NVQ level 3 in Management, NVQ 4 in Health and Social Care and leadership and Management for Care services.

Donna Upton

Donna Upton

Client Team Leader

Donna Upton is the Client Team Leader which means her main priority and passion is to ensure the clients are happy and receiving the highest quality care possible at each and every visit. Donna chose to work in care to make a difference to people’s lives. Donna is extremely dedicated and committed to improving the health and wellbeing of clients.

Donna has worked in care for 9 years, 3 of those working for Respectful Care and states that their values match those of her own which is to provide a high quality, caring service, something she never experienced at her previous employment. Donna began her career with Respectful Care as a care and support worker and has worked very hard to progress through the internal management structure to team leader and now to client team leader.

Donna currently holds both a Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ qualification in Health and Social Care.

Lorna Scholey

Lorna Scholey

Recruitment Lead

Lorna Scholey is the Recruitment Lead which means she is responsible for sourcing, interviewing and recruiting new staff members to the team. Care is always something that Lorna has wanted to do as she started to support her parents when they became unwell. Lorna was introduced to the company with a friend 2 years ago initially joining as a care and support worker. During this time Lorna progressed to the role of Mentor (Senior Carer) which meant she had added responsibility for training and mentoring new and existing staff.

Lorna strives to be the best she can and helps others to do the same. These qualities as well as Lorna’s passion and dedication have helped Lorna to progress internally within the company to a more senior management role. Lorna has worked in care for many years but states she has never been happier!

Lorna holds a Level 2 NVQ Qualification in Health and Social Care.

Sarah Haycox

Sarah Haycox

Care Coordinator

Sarah Haycox is our Care Coordinator. Sarah is the person who ensures the clients have the correct logistical care and support they need at the times they choose, and with the carers of their choice and preference and providing continuity at all times. Sarah also has responsibility for the staff’s rota’s and ensuring the staff get the correct number of hours each week but also have a work life balance.

Sarah has worked in the care industry for 7 years, predominantly in community care, in various roles such as a care and support worker, senior carer, care coordinator and a registered manager.

Sarah knows care is an extremely rewarding job and goes above and beyond every day to support the clients and the staff to be happy and content.

Sarah currently holds both a Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ qualification in Health and Social Care.

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