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Our Homecare Services

At Respectful Care, we know how difficult it can be to place your trust in strangers who will go into the home of your loved one and provide them with the vital daily care they need. It can be a difficult process to place your trust in an organisation because you want the very best for your family member. We know because we've been in your position before ourselves.

Our primary concern is always to you and our clients, and we take our responsibility for providing care, companionship and the highest level of support very seriously. We go above and beyond when it comes to safety, security and value for money for the service we offer, and unlike many other homecare providers, we guarantee the following with exception:

  • All of our Support and Care Workers are rigorously screened and scrutinised to ensure they are suitable for the role.
  • All of our staff are fully trained and qualified in their role.
  • We will take the time to get to know you, your family, your needs and your expectations.
  • We aim to provide the same Support and Care Worker wherever possible, so our clients have continuity and the opportunity to build a relationship and friendship with someone who will come to understand their needs in depth.
  • We provide a journal where Support and Care Worker can record a daily diary of activities, enabling you to review the activities, support and care services provided in detail.

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Personal Care

Personal Care Services

Ensuring that your loved one can live a life that is as independent, active and fulfilled as possible is our ethos, and key to their care and long term happiness.

We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' solution. We offer a wide range of one-to-one services tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you need a short half hour home visit or 24 hours of care, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can provide you with a personalised service that fits into your life, and not the other way around.

Our personal care services include:

  • Supporting clients getting up and going to bed
  • Assistance with washing, dressing and grooming
  • Sitting and sleep-in services
  • Support with medication
  • Help with incontinence care

At Respectful Care we understand that, from time to time, your circumstances or needs may change. This will never become an issue with us. We can provide an on-going care package which can include regular meetings with both our clients and those who care about them. This also enables us to adapt and tailor the care package so it remains suitable for your needs and current situation. Our aim is always to find a way to enable you to stay in the place where you want to be – in your own home and in familiar surroundings.

A free, no obligation care assessment

We offer a FREE 'no-obligation' assessment with a member of our care assessment team, who will meet with the client, family members and other loved ones involved in their care and welfare in order to establish exact requirements and determine how we can match provide a service that matches them. We will then put together your bespoke care package which will detail the support and care we can provide you with, and at the times you want.

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Dementia Care

Dementia Care Services

Dementia is not a natural consequence of ageing. It is a cruel disease that destroys brain cells and gradually causes a person to lose the ability to remember, plan, use language correctly and control their body. It can lead to feelings of fear and loneliness and trigger issues with anxiety. It is a frightening and confusing experience for the sufferer, and heart breaking for their families to witness.

At Respectful Care we understand the devastating impact dementia can have on the lives of individuals and their families. We provide caring and sensitive domiciliary care support to help people learn to live with dementia.

We believe in focusing on the whole person and not just the condition. We will talk to your loved one and the rest of the family to find out what is important to you, what you can do to deal with some of the issues caused by dementia and what you would like to achieve from your care package.

We can provide tailored domiciliary care and support to meet specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, our aim is to help your loved one manage the symptoms of dementia so they can safely stay in control of their life as much as possible, for as long as possible.

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Palliative Care

Palliative Care Services

We believe that individuals should have the right to choose where they wish to spend the last days of their lives. For many people, this will be in their own home, in familiar surroundings, with the people they know and love. Respectful Care provides essential domiciliary support and care to enable you and your family to make this choice.

We can design an end of life care plan with individuals and their friends and families, if this is preferred. Our domiciliary care service will then be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences to ensure that the last days of an individual's life are as comfortable and peaceful as possible, and fulfils their wish to pass away in their own home.

We value and respect each person's spirituality and their right to dignified care at this time of their lives. Our team will work with health professionals and other people who are involved in palliative support and care to manage your symptoms and maintain your dignity. Our trained and caring team will provide comprehensive and dedicated support every step of the way.

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Companionship Services

Companionship Services

A recent statistic from a study conducted by Age UK revealed that almost a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without speaking to anyone at all. At Respectful Care, we find that many clients don't necessarily need a lot of physical help, but would benefit from having a companion to chat to, whether at home or out and about.

If you think that you could benefit from companionship, or have a loved one who would like to have a regular visitor to talk to while you are at work, or to simply give you a break, one of Respectful Care's trained team of Support and Care Workers can add a vital human element to their day. They will become a trusted, friendly face who will share your interests, get to know and understand you and offer genuine companionship.

Many of our clients have found that our companionship service develops their confidence, revitalises them, boosts their energy levels and increases general happiness. It’s a positive experience that can improve outlook and enhance the lifestyle of the client.

Typical activities that Respectful Care Clients enjoy with our companions include:

  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Assisting you in collecting your pension or visiting the bank
  • Shopping for food and drink, clothes or other items you may require
  • Going to leisure activities/appointments
  • Enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • Accompanying you while doing crafts or hobbies
  • Playing cards, chess, draughts or other games
  • Going to a day service/centre
  • Visiting a community centre
  • Accompanying you to doctor and hospital appointments

Dealing with everyday tasks

As well as offering companionship, our Support and Care Workers will also spend time helping you to master the difficulties of modern life that can become overwhelming for older people.

Our clients and their families choose what type of companionship support they need and how much they require each week. We then tailor a support package based on this. The list above is a short example of the types of activities we currently cover; feel free to ask us about any personal needs you would like us to assist with – we're always willing to find a solution for every situation.

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Medication Assistance and Management

Medication Assistance

People of all ages can find it difficult to manage their medicines. Taking a variety of different pills, in differing amounts and at specific times can be very challenging to cope with. We can relieve the stress by supporting individuals to manage their medication and ensure that they take the right pills, at the right time and in the right amount.

Here’s how it works: A member of our team will remind the client to take their medication, assist them to ensure they take the right medication, or give full support by administering the medication if required. This gives peace of mind to family members who aren’t always able to assist with the vital task of administering medication.

In addition to helping our clients manage their medication, we can also discuss general health needs, providing a bespoke package of care that can include assistance when arranging an appointment with a healthcare professional, reminding them when they have appointments and accompanying them if they require further support and assistance outside of their home.

Respectful Care can provide further support to clients by ensuring that prescribed medication is put into a Monitored Dosage System (MDS) by the pharmacist. While your loved one will still be required to take their medication at the right time, we take the stress out of organising the dosage and providing the medication in an easy-to-use, clearly marked system.

For some clients, remembering to obtain and renew prescribed medication can become a difficult chore, adding unnecessary stress at a difficult time. We can assist in arranging your medication, ensuring that your prescription goes to the doctor's surgery on time, as well as collecting prescriptions from the chemist when it is ready. We can then deliver the medication to the home of our client or arrange for regular deliveries straight from the pharmacy – whichever options best suits the needs of those we provide care for.

For your peace of mind, every member of the Respectful Care team receives specific training in medication and are fully qualified and approved to prompt or administer medication to our clients.

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Shopping & Meal Preparation

Shopping and Meal Preparation

Regular, balanced meals are essential in maintaining good health for everyone, old or young. Unfortunately, it is common for older people and those with physical or mental difficulties to neglect their diet, which can lead to a deterioration in health and the development of further complications. Effective management of food intake can prevent this from happening and ensure a better quality of life for your loved ones.

It can be very easy to overlook regular, healthy meals. For some people, food preparation can be a difficult chore or a task that they simply forget about which can often result in missing meals entirely. Others know they need to eat regularly, but don’t make the effort to plan meals and buy food that provides them with the nutrients they need to maintain good health, so they end up eating all the wrong things, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolates, ready meals and other unhealthy choices.

Although treats are fine in moderation, ensuring that good, healthy meals are incorporated into their diet is essential. Our Support and Care Workers understand the importance of a good diet and will ensure that clients are supported to eat meals that they not only enjoy, but also help them to remain as healthy as possible.

Respectful Care can adapt to the specific needs of our clients. We can accompany them to the shops, help agree a shopping list that contains a healthy balance of different food types or even do the shopping on behalf of the client. We can also prepare meals, or assist clients in meal preparation, as well as clearing away dishes and doing the washing afterwards. How much or how little help your loved one requires can be discussed and agreed upon, so we provide the right amount of help without intruding on their personal preferences and sense of independence.

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Social Activities

Social Activities

Socialising with and meeting other people can have a significantly positive effect on the contentment of someone being cared for at home on a long-term basis. For those undergoing a short rehabilitation period, getting out and about, or at least having visitors to call, can greatly speed the recovery time. The benefits of human interaction to the recovery process and to the general health and happiness of those requiring care at home should not be underestimated, which is why we try to incorporate an element of socialising in all of the care plans we create for our clients.

Although each individual client we work with has unique needs, and the variety of physical abilities we come across may differ greatly, we find that everyone benefits from occasional (and preferably regular) socialising. A planned social event provides something to look forward to, enjoy at the time and then look back on and reflect on. It can provide a real boost to confidence and outlook.

If a client is wheelchair-bound, this will not be a barrier to Respectful Care, we have a number of solutions and activities to incorporate to ensure an active and enjoyable social life. We can even provide a social activities programme to someone who is permanently bedridden. We firmly believe that receiving regular visitors at home from time-to-time is crucial in bringing a little of the outside world into their life - in fact, they probably need social interaction more than anyone else does, and we can provide it.

We help our customers to enjoy a wide variety of social activities, which include:

  • Organising days out, such as meeting friends and family
  • Regular weekly visits to the local pub, or a social club
  • Visits to watch the action at the local cricket or bowls club
  • Shopping trips
  • Visits to the hairdresser, nail bar or chiropodist, for some deserved pampering
  • A trip to the library, to choose some books or CDs to take home
  • Meeting friends at a café for tea and cake
  • A visit to the cinema or theatre

This is just an indicative list of some of the social activities Respectful Care can arrange, the possibilities are endless. If your loved one has a particular destination in mind, or specific interests, just let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements that will enable them to attend and live as full a life as possible.

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Respite Care

Respite Care Services

Carers who are required to look after a family member rarely get any respite, and although helping a loved one is highly rewarding, it's also extremely demanding. A few days' rest can do wonders for your energy levels and enthusiasm, and we can help with that.

Knowing that you are able to escape for a break from time-to-time can be a great incentive to keep you going, especially when you are confident that the person you care for will be well looked after by a trained professional during your absence.

You don't necessarily need to have a long break to feel the benefit. Some of our clients find that short breaks at regular intervals can work well, perhaps one afternoon or evening a week for some 'me time' is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. Alternatively, a monthly visit to the theatre, a trip to the cinema, a day at the health spa or booking a pampering session can provide the well-deserved and much-needed break that helps many carers to de-stress and relax.

It’s easy to get arrange the break you need with Respectful Care. All you need to do is brief us on the details of the normal care regime you follow for the person you care for. You can even request one of our Support and Care Workers to work alongside you for a day to introduce them to your loved one, show them where everything is and allow them to watch how you provide the care your relative or friend needs. During your respite break we will then visit as scheduled, or stay in your home to provide live-in care as planned and replicate the care that you provide every day.

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Live In Care

Live in Care

Clients who need continuous care often want to avoid the added stress of having to leave familiar surroundings. For many people, this can have a further detrimental effect on their mental wellbeing. Respectful Care provides the option of providing high quality care without the need to move into a care home. Our live in care service offers the reassurance of 24 hour care and support in the comfort of your loved one’s own home.

We never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to care and consider the client’s needs every step of the way. This means that you and your loved one can stay in control of your support and care at all times – we will never make assumptions about what is best for you and will always ensure that any decisions are consulted with those who matter the most – the clients.

A member of our team will ask what is important about the way your loved lives their life, so we can provide the care they want, they care they need, and the care that will provide the best possible quality of life.

Choosing Respectful Care live in care service means...

  • There’s no need to move into a care home
  • We will provide a personal service where your loved ones needs are considered every step of the way
  • We will provide a comprehensive service available as and when you need it - day or night
  • You will have access to fully trained, compassionate staff who respect your home and your privacy
  • A flexible service which adapts to the client’s situation and needs, where every day can provide different challenges
  • A wide range of care and support, including personal care, housework, social activities and more - you choose what support you loved one needs
  • We will match the needs of the client with the best suited Care and Support Workers, and introduce you to them so a positive relationship can be formed from day one
  • You will receive regular follow up communication from a Respectful Care manager to check that you are happy with our service and there are no issues to resolve.

Contact your local Respectful Care office today to discuss our support services for your loved one.

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