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Support Personalised to your Needs

The Support and Care Workers at Respectful Care are fully trained to support people with a wide range of illnesses and needs at all stages of their lives.

We provide high quality, personalised support at home for our clients, designed to let them lead fulfilling, happy lives, no matter what difficulties they may face. Our range of clients and their specific needs include:

  • Elderly
  • Adults
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities
  • End of Life

Our support arrangements are always fully personalised to meet each individual's specific needs. We recognise that everyone is different and that their needs may change with time, so we continually communicate with you, talk to our clients and adapt our service accordingly to ensure it is right for your loved one.

Care Services for the Elderly


Our homecare service for older people centres on enabling them to continue living independently or semi-independently in the comfortable and familiar environment of their own home, for as long as possible.

There is a growing demand for the attentive, personalised homecare that we can provide. Families and ageing individuals now realise that it is an affordable, and often preferable, alternative to living in residential care or a nursing home, and removes the need to reluctantly sell a family home to fund residential care costs.

Our fully trained Support and Care Workers provide comprehensive, reliable, friendly and understanding support, so you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the highest quality service they need, want and deserve to lead a fulfilled life.

One of the many benefits of Respectful Care’s culture and approach to homecare is that we encourage independent living wherever possible. By doing things ‘with’ the people we look after, rather than doing everything 'for' them, we help older people to maintain their dignity, generate a sense of purpose and wellbeing and not fall into the trap of over reliance on their carer, which can often have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

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Care Services for Adults


If you are an adult who needs support to live in your own home, whether a small amount of daily help or comprehensive support, we can provide a full spectrum of care services to meet your personal needs. Our trained and qualified Support and Care Workers can help make your life easier by carrying out the tasks you find challenging and enabling you to have a better quality of living.

You may have a long-term illness that makes it difficult for you to manage on your own, or perhaps you are recovering from an injury and need some help for a month or so while you do so. Whatever your needs are, we create a personalised care programme, in agreement with you, that fits in with your specific requirements and lifestyle.

These are examples of some of the typical situations in which we could help you with care at home:

  • Assistance with the things that you find difficult to do entirely by yourself, such as shopping and preparing food.
  • Short-term care while you recover from an illness or operation following discharge from hospital.
  • Emotional and practical support if you have a sensory impairment that causes difficulties in communicating, gaining access to information, or with your mobility.
  • One member of a couple may need occasional help to keep on top of household chores while they concentrate on looking after their partner who has a long-term difficulty – we can provide the additional support you need without compromising on the quality of care for your loved one.

There are a huge range of reasons for needing care and support in your home. From a daily 30-minute visit to 24-hour live-in support, whatever the needs of you or your loved one are, Respectful Care can provide a flexible, personalised solution.

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Care Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

If you are looking for care support for an adult with a learning disability who needs a little or a lot of support to live in their own home, we can provide a full spectrum of care to meet their personal needs. Our trained Care Workers can help to make their life easier by supporting/assisting the everyday tasks they may find challenging, or support/assist them to carry out the task on their own – enabling them to sustain their independence with the right amount of support.

We can agree together a personalised care programme that fits in with their requirements and lifestyle. We also undertake a detailed review of their learning disability to understand what challenges they need help to overcome and to establish the most effective type of support for their particular needs.

Here are some of the typical situations in which we could help adults with learning disabilities through care at home:

  • Assistance with the things that they find difficult to do entirely on their own, such as shopping and preparing food.
  • Short-term care while they recover from an illness or operation following discharge from hospital.
  • Emotional and practical support if they have sensory impairment that causes difficulties in communicating, gaining access to information, or with mobility.

There are a wide range of learning disabilities that require a varied level of homecare. Whatever the needs of your loved one are, we can provide a flexible care plan that can range from short daily visits to 24-hour, 1 to 1 support or live in care – just provide us with the details and we’ll create a bespoke care plan that meets their needs.

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Care Services for Adults with Physical Disabilities

Physical Disabilities

If you (or someone living with you) has a permanent or temporary physical disability, our homecare service can make life a little easier while providing greater levels of independence.

At Respectful Care, we believe that everyone has the right to live a life that is as full and active as possible. We work hard to empower people with physical disabilities, so they can gain more independence and enjoy a better quality of life. Our service is tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs, so you can have as much or as little help as you wish.

Our professional care services are structured to fit in with the varying needs of our clients, and our skilled and caring staff can help to improve the life of your loved one in many different ways.

We often provide assistance with personal care, such as getting up and getting ready in the morning, and also by lending a hand with everyday tasks such as washing, bathing or showering, cooking, laundry, ironing and housework.

We can also help with clients who need assistance in getting out and about in the local community, joining in with social activities, doing the shopping, or to benefit from local amenities and services such as physiotherapy sessions or the local swimming pool.

Your personal support plan will be designed around your individual needs, taking account of input from your family, friends and any professionals who may be currently working with you.

All of our Care Workers receive specialist training that enables them to help customers across a wide range of areas, such as:

  • Manual handling of patients with physical difficulties
  • Personal hygiene
  • Stroke awareness
  • Conflict and aggression management
  • Medication Management

Respectful Care can provide care to support a comprehensive range of physical disabilities – please contact us to discuss your personal requirements in detail.

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End of Life Care

End of Life

If we were able to choose, most of us would opt to die peacefully in the familiar, friendly surroundings of our own home, comforted by the presence of those we love and those who are close to us. The end of life care offered by Respectful Care makes it possible to pass away peacefully at home, rather than in a hospice or residential care home. For someone with a terminal condition - and for their family and friends - sensitive, personalised end of life care at home makes the whole process more comforting and less distressing.

For those with a terminal illness that has progressed to an advanced stage, it can be reassuring to know they will be cared for in their own home. Respectful Care can plan and organise a care programme that efficiently deals with issues such as healthcare tasks and all other associated end of life needs.

We can also take care of any related needs that your loved one may have during such a difficult period – everyday activities such as washing and toilet arrangements, helping clients in and out of bed if they are sufficiently mobile, carrying out light domestic duties, shopping, cooking and so on, all needs to be taken care of. Respectful Care staff can ensure that these duties are carried out, leaving the client to spend their final days doing what they want to do with the people they love. A member of our care team can even live in, if required, so that 24-hour assistance is always at hand.

Everything is dealt with according to the specific wishes of our client. We can deal with any healthcare requirements, and communicate fully with all other people involved, such as relatives, friends and medical professionals. We strive to ensure that our client's dignity is maintained at all times; our overall objective is to provide the very best care we can, in order to make the closing stages of our client's life as comfortable as it can possibly be.

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